Welcome to the Catholic Homeschool Association of Omaha.   We are an organization of homeschooling families who exist first and foremost to promote unity and support around the sacraments of the Church, particularly the Eucharist. In addition to our monthly Mass, the group offers four quarterly family meetings each year, and a variety of social and spiritual opportunities for parents and children. United in Christ and our sharing of the Eucharist, it is our mission to minister to homeschooling families and those who wish to explore this option. We believe that in renewing the family, we contribute to the “new evangelization” spoken of so often by Pope John Paul II. To register with the Catholic Homeschool Association of Omaha, Inc., please download the family registration form:  2014-2015 New CHAO Registration Packet If you need more information, please email:  chaoquestions@yahoo.com


March 15 and after


The Third Commandment:

How Well Do You Know What it Really Means?

By Fr. William Sanderson

In the first story of creation in the Book of Genesis we read: “Since on the seventh day God was finished with the work He had been doing, he rested on the seventh day from all the work He had undertaken.  So God blessed the seventh day and make it holy, because on it He rested from all the work He had done in creation” (2:2-3).  Now God is God and He does not grow tired and He is not in need of rest as we human beings are; but . . . . continue reading

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